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Digital marketing means working online and that in turn means working from
anywhere, and without a boss. So of course, life will be easy! You can choose your
own hours, you can work out of coffee shops or from beautiful locations…
And you can do it all your own way. Without someone breathing down your neck and
shouting at you when you get things wrong.

What’s more, if you manage to achieve a ‘passive income’, then you’ll be earning
money even while you sleep. Passive income means generating cash from a website,
or a YouTube channel, or through affiliate sales. It means that even as you are
resting, the seeds you sowed continue to reap their rewards.

So, you can take time off whenever you want.

And let’s not forget that during all this, you will be discussing things that matter to
you. Things that you are passionate about. Things that you can’t wait to leap out of
bed to start writing about.

That’s the dream of the digital marketer.

Oh, and you’re rich too.


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